Monday, August 31, 2009

Pokwangootz will watch 4 soccer game 08-31-09

There will be 4 soccer games which I am going to watch tonight. These soccer games will be from 3 different leagues. First, I will Watch Newcastle VS Leicester Live Streaming on 08-31-09. This is under the English League Championship. Next is I want to Watch Peterborough VS Crystal Palace Live Streaming which will also be on 08-31-09. This is also under English League Championship. The third one is I am going to Watch Barcelona VS Sporting Live Streaming on the Spanish Primera Division. This will be on 08-31-09. The last one is I am going to Watch Torino VS Empoli Live Streaming on the Italian Serie B. Also on 08-31-09.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Pokwangootz will watch 2 episodes and 2 soccer

Tomorrow morning, I'm going to watch 2 TV episodes on HBO and 2 soccer games on the English Premier League. The first is I am going to Watch True Blood Season 2 Episode 11 which is entitled Frenzy. This will air on HBO as what I have said earlier. The next one is I am going to Watch Entourage Season 6 Episode 8 which is entitled The Sorkin Notes. If I will not be able to watch the True Blood episode live, I am just going to download the True Blood S02E11 Torrent and watch the episode on my laptop. Now for the soccer games, I'm going to Watch Aston Villa VS Fulham Live Streaming this August 30, 2009. I am also going to Watch Everton VS Wigan Live Streaming also on that date. I am going to enjoy my Monday morning tomorrow by watching.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Pokwangootz will watch UFC 102 now

Ultimate Fighting Championship or UFC will be having another event today, August 29, 2009 and this is the UFC 102: Couture VS Nogueira. People all over the world can Watch UFC 102 Online by several ways. First, the PPV, then watch it live on Oregon. But the best thing is to watch the UFC 102 Live Stream online because it is free. If ever you missed the event, there will be UFC 102 Replay which is available for everyone. The replay will include the fight video and other videos related to the UFC 102 event. So don't miss to Watch UFC 102 Live Stream this day for awesome entertainment. This is a very cool and exciting event!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Pokwangootz will watch 4 soccer games 08-26

I am about to watch 4 soccer games this August 26, 2009. I find these games interesting but I am not sure if I can watch all of these. First, I want to Watch Blackpool VS Wigan Live Streaming online, Blackpool against Wigan Athletic. Second, I want to Watch Arsenal VS Celtic Live Streaming and I think Arsenal will make it. Third one is I want to Watch West Bromwich VS Rotherham Live Streaming on the Carling Cup, both of the teams are very good. Lastly, I want to Watch Newcastle VS Huddersfield Live Steaming this August 26. These both teams are also good so it's hard to decide by now if who has more chance in winning.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Pokwangootz will watch 5 soccer games 08-25

There will be 5 soccer games which I want to watch tonight but I will only enumerate 4 games. First is I want to Watch Gillingham VS Blackburn Live Streaming which starts at 19:45 in UK Time. Second is I want to Watch Debrecen VS Levski Sofia Live Streaming which will start at 19:45 UK Time. Third one is I want to Watch FC Zurich VS FK Ventspils Live Streaming which will also start at 19:45 in UK Time. The fourth one is I want to Watch Maccabi Haifa VS SV Salzburg Live Streaming this August 25 at 19:45 in UK Time. The last one to watch tonight is I want to Watch West Ham United VS Millwall Live Streaming which will be the last on my list at 19:45 UK time also.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Pokwangootz will watch 2 soccer games this 08-24

There are 2 soccer games which I want to watch this day, August 24. These two games are under English Premier League and the other one is I don't know exactly. First is the Norwich City VS Sunderland Live Stream which will be held in the Carrow Road, I think. The next one is Liverpool VS Aston Villa Live Stream which will be on the Anfield. I am really excited for these games. I am also excited for the Liverpool VS Aston Villa Highlights and see who will be the best players of the game.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Pokwangootz will watch TB S02E10 and MU 09

Today is another great Monday because I will be able to watch my favorite TV series on HBO. The first one is I want to Watch True Blood Season 2 Episode 10 on HBO or online which is entitled New World in My View. This is exciting. The next one is I want to Watch Entourage Season 6 Episode 7 entitled No More Drama. I hope it will not turn into a comedy series. If I will not be able to watch these 2 episodes, I will just going to download True Blood S02E10 Torrent and Entourage S06E07 Torrent. Oops! By the way, the most prestigious beauty contest will be held today. Don't miss to watch the Miss Universe 2009 Live Stream and see the beautiful ladies. Who will win?! Let's find out as we watch!

Pokwangootz will watch 4 more soccer games 08-23

Ok. So there will be four more soccer games which I will watch this evening. First in the line is the Fulham VS Chelsea Live Stream but I am not sure where it will happen. Next is Burnley VS Everton Live Stream which I also don't know where. Third game is West Ham United VS Tottenham Live Stream and I think this will be somewhere in Europe. The last one is Cardiff City VS Bristol City Live Stream which will be held at the Cardiff City. I hope I can watch these games tonight.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Pokwangootz will watch 6 football games on 08-23

Wow there are several games which I am going to watch this morning! But unfortunately, most of these games will start simultaneously so I have to switch channels for me to watch all of these. First game is the Detroit Lions VS Cleveland Browns Live Stream. I am not sure where it will happen. Second is the Pittsburgh Steelers VS Washington Redskins Live Stream. I also don't know where it will be. Third one is Tampa Bay Buccaneers VS Jacksonville Jaguars Live Stream and this will be held at the Jacksonville Stadium. Fourth one is New York Giants VS Chicago Bears Live Stream and I am also not sure where it will happen. The last one if Cardiff City VS Bristol City Live Stream which will be at the Cardiff City Stadium. Most of these games are football games under 2009 NFL Preseason. Oops! I completely forgot the Carolina Panthers VS Miami Dolphins Live Stream and this would be the last.

Pokwangootz will watch Diaz vs Malignaggi

On August 22, 2009 HBO will be having a boxing event which will feature Juan Diaz and Paulie Malignaggi on the main event. Be sure to watch the Diaz VS Malignaggi Live Stream so you won't miss the 12 rounds of boxing match under lightweight category. There are actually 3 fights on this event and 2 of those are the undercard matches. If you can't afford to watch this event on PPV or on HBO, then just Watch Diaz VS Malignaggi Online and see if who is going to win the matech. There will be several sites which will stream the boxing event. Just google for Diaz VS Malignaggi Live Stream and you'll know where to watch this boxing event online.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Pokwangootz will watch 4 tv episodes on 08-19

Tomorrow I am planning to watch 4 tv episodes. I don't know if I'm going to watch it on the television or just online. The first one that I will watch is Rescue Me Season 5 Episode 20 which is entitled Zippo. The next one is Hells Kitchen Season 6 Episode 6 which is entitled 11 Chefs Compete. This is a cooking competition. The third one is The Cleaner Season 2 Episode 9 which is entitled The Path of Least Resistance. The last one is Saving Grace Season 3 Episode 10 which is entitled Am I Going to Die Today?! I hope that I can watch all these four episodes tomorrow.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Pokwangootz will watch TB S02E09 on 08-17

Tomorrow, 2 interesting TV shows will be on air again and I know that millions of people around the world are excited to watch it. First is True Blood and I want to Watch True Blood Season 2 Episode 9 Online. This episode is entitled I Will Rise Up. I would also like to download True Blood S02E09 Torrent for me to watch it on idle moments. The next TV episode is Entourage and I also want to Watch Entourage Season 6 Episode 6 Online. The episode is entitled Murphy's Life. I would also like to download the Entourage S06E06 Torrent and watch it after the former episode. I'm looking forward in watching these two episodes tomorrow.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Pokwangootz will watch pinoy power 2

On August 15, 2009 there will be a boxing event which is important to the Philippines since two of the boxers are from the said country. Tomorrow, I'm sure that thousands of people around the globe will watch the Donaire VS Concepcion Live Stream. This event can also be viewed via PPV but the best way is to just Watch Donaire VS Concepcion Online for FREE. I hope that these Filipinos will win in their respective bouts.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Pokwangootz share about the new scandals

There are two new scandals which are hitting the Internet. These scandals involve two hollywood stars which are Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Greene. First, the Vanessa Hudgens Leaked Photo came out just this week and people are very curious about it. The images were displayed at a certain site but removed immediately. The next one is Ashley Greene Scandal Pictures which came out just yesterday. Same as the first, the images were removed immediately upon the request of the star's lawyer.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Pokwangootz will watch TB S02E08 online

Tomorrow will be an interesting and exciting day especially to all the couch potatoes out there. Tomorrow, two of the hottest TV series which will be showing again on HBO. But since we don't have HBO, I will just Watch Entourage Season 6 Episode 5 Online via live streaming. The episode is entitled Fore. I will also Watch True Blood Season 2 Episode 8 Online which is entitled Timebomb. Then after watching the S02E08 of True Blood I'm sure that I will also be excited for the next episode. So I will look for True Blood Season 2 Episode 9 Preview after watching the episode. I hope that I can find one.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Pokwangootz cheers for UFC 101 winners!

The much awaited UFC 101 has ended and congratulations to all those UFC fighters who won on their bout like Anderson Silva and BJ Penn. For more details about UFC 101 Results, just check on that web page for the updates. If you were not able to watch the UFC 101 live, you can still have the chance for the video. Just watch the UFC 101 Replay for you to see how the fights went out. Cheers!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Pokwangootz is excited for UFC 101

UFC 101: Declaration will take place on August 08, 2009. This event can be seen via PPV or live by watching it directly to Wachiova Center in Philadelphia. I'm sure that there are millions of UFC fans around the world who would like to watch UFC 101 Live Stream since this is the best way to watch the event for free. There are actually several sites who will be having the live streaming of the event. If you will be able to find one, then you can Watch UFC 101 Online from streaming sites or even just blogs who are kind enough to stream the UFC 101 event for free.

Pokwangootz shares the two hottest news 08-07

These are the two hottest news today. First is about the High School Musical star Vanessa Hudgens who has a new set of nude photos. This news about Vanessa Hudgens Leaked Photos came out yesterday and the photos were posted on some sites but removed immediately. Next one, SYTYCD Season 5 has ended and a lot of people has the same question: Who Won So You Think You Can Dance 2009?! Well it's none other than Jeanine Mason.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Pokwangootz will watch 2 episodes on free time

Tomorrow morning, I will try to watch two episodes during my break time in school. First episode is this Weeds Season 5 Episode 9 which is entitled Suck 'N' Spit. This will air on Showtime. The next episode if The Closer Season 5 Episode 9 which is entitled Identity Thief. This episode will air on TNT on August 04, 2009. Hope you can watch it too!